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Yoga in the workplace

Yoga is increasingly being recognised for its benefits: reducing stress, improving posture and overall health. A number of employers have found that when they introduced yoga into the workplace, their employees not only became less stressed but they became more productive, focused and happy!

James and Alice have taught regularly in a number of corporate environments, including: Devon County Council, Michelmores solicitors and Riverford Organic.

If you work in an office and you are interested in yoga then perhaps you can learn at work. There may be others in your office who would also like to try it: All you need is a space and at least six people, and you can book James or Alice to come and teach for your group. Alternatively, if you are an employer and you wish to hire one of us, or both, to come and teach for you then please get in touch.
  • Tuesday for me is yoga day. I look forward to the session all day. After what can sometimes be a busy, sometimes stressful, seven hours hunched over a desk, I thoroughly engage in my yoga practice, encouraged and guided by James. I feel my body loosening up, breathing improving and my mind relaxing. It's the perfect end to the working day.


    Michelmores solicitors, Exeter