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Yoga is a process of becoming whole in body, mind and spirit

We teach a holistic approach to Yoga. Holistic means that every part of the individual is intimately interconnected and can only be understood within the context of the whole.

In terms of a yoga practice, the whole being is nourished and balanced through the integration physical, mental and spiritual self-development.

There are lots of different ways to learn yoga. The preferred method for most people is to find a class they enjoy and to commit to a class once a week. For some people this may not be possible so there is the option to study privately and attend one-to-one classes. Alternatively, we may be able to arrange for classes in your workplace.
In a holistic yoga class, as well as learning the yoga postures (asanas) you will also be taught about breathing techiques (pranayama) purification techniques (kriyas), meditation (dhyana) and also some yogic philosophy. This approach to yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of age, flexibilty, fitness or previous yoga experience.